Bristol Festival Live Painting

Been on the cards for a while now this, but just heard that live graf/street art painting’s going to be going on as part of the Bristol Festival in September.

Don’t know if you know the Bristol Festival (obviously) but it’s meant to be a replacement to Ashton Court now it’s finally gone. Happening on the 20th and 21st September, down on the harbourside (Lloyd’s Amphitheatre, etc) during the day, then in different venues around Bristol at night.

Anyhoo, apparently a paint sponsor has been found for the event, and 80 meters of 8ft high board is going to be provided for painting there, so all that’s needed now is to invite 30 different artists to paint it.

The painting, at this stage, looks like it will be happening mainly in/round the Lloyd’s Amphitheatre, with some on the main stage too and then more later that night in Blue Mountain.

Will obviously bring you more when more’s known but, depending on the line up, this could be a really big. It’s been 10 years since Walls on Fire you know…

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