Comedy Cartoon

Came across this yesterday, made the day’s top post on WordPress altogether by the looks of things, and kinda had to be posted here too really, especially given recent debates in the comments…

From here.


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3 responses to “Comedy Cartoon

  1. I would love to see graf like that. “Sir Charles of Basingstoke happened to be standing here on the occasion of two thousand and eight. Innit.”

  2. That got my yocks up, especially because yesterday my fingers were hovering over ‘submit’ ready to comment on the lamentable state of some people’s spelling and grammar (on the Xenz thread in particular!)…

    Jumping Jehosaphat, I feel old 😦

  3. FM

    regarding legibility, i think Dondi (R.I.P) said it best in Subway Art. exactly what he said, i will leave to the dedicated few to find out…

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