Vault 13 Gallery

As mentioned a few days ago, there’s a top little gallery in BS8 on Park Street if you haven’t been there already.

Called Vault 13, it’s picked up where the Leeky Gallery and My Yard have left off, by covering a wide range of artists, most fairly unknown and offering their works for a price that fits this fact well.

It’s pretty full of work, and all a bit informal, so you never know what might turn up there.

These were stencil pieces, simple two layer stencils on a one colour background, tenner a piece. Really wicked to see an artist admitting how cheap stencil pieces are to produce, and you can’t go wrong if you’re buying stuff just because you like it (remember when people used to do that with stencils on canvas?).

These were some different hand finished prints by Uchi, who must be a reader of this blog, ‘RSS feeding’ content from here onto their own blog (if you’re reading mate, found it comedy, this content’s all under creative commons license anyway so not too fussed, bit of link based credit wouldn’t be minded though!)

Like the prints too, reminiscent of Dicy amongst others.

Still keeping with the graf theme that Leeky and My Yard had as well.

RIngs a bell, can’t place it, £30 though, top.

Finally an MKWF print, helpfully titled ‘LOCAL ARTIST’ in nice shouty ALLCAPS. You’d probably pay a bit more for his work under a different name.

So, if you’re in the area, drop in and have a rummage around. If you’re an artist looking to start out selling work, why not drop some stuff into them and see what happens, they’re taking loads of different stuff by the looks of it.

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