Glostonbury Photos

As mentioned at the time, didn’t get any photos of this, but a reader’s been good enough to send in some snaps of the Glostonbury event up at the Golden Lion on Gloucester Road at the end of June.

Cheo, of course…

Also working with Lokey, 45RPM and FLX…

China Mike, Richt and Mr Jago shared some boardage as well

Close up on the China Mike, lovely stuff…

There are more photos of these pieces, and the other ones by the many different people painting there, all over flickr and the web, so have a google if you want to see more.

As for the boards done at the event, they’re going to be auctioned off, probably in the next month or so (though nothing fixed as yet), in an auction that will include some more boards painted, word has it, by Haka and others too.

More news next week!

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