45RPm’s Shiny New Fanzine

Master of the Owl and fully paid up member of the What? Collective, 45RPm, has just put together a shiny new fanzine for all you lovers of the letter form out there.

Here’s what he’s got to say about it…

It’s a selfish dive in to my mind featuring all the stuff I’d like to see in a magazine, no street art just letters. So it’s full of good sketches, old photos, drippy tags and a good dosage of Fonts for the fetish that wont go away…

There will be an issue two so get sending the pictures. Five good english pounds includes first class postage, and it comes in a hard envelope, as well as being bagged with four postcards (Paris, 45rpm, Ponk and fanzine cover) and four stickers. 58 pages in black and white…

Sounds cool, no? Get yourself over to his Etsy site to pick up a copy (and even an owl whilst you’re at it). This blog’s copy’s on its way, can’t wait…


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8 responses to “45RPm’s Shiny New Fanzine

  1. Had mine dropped off this morning, and it’s a bit better than I thought. Endless pages of goodness.

  2. Waiting for mine to drop. Looks good.

    Note to self: Must get an owl someday.

  3. Mike Art-el

    Tres xcited, Ten dollar bargain of the year.

    Must admit the owl that lives on top of my combi boiler always brings a smile on my chops, especially as I liberated him from Bridewell nick!

  4. fresh prince

    this looks interesting, theres a few fanzines kicking about in bristol at the moment, theres a good one for sale in ‘Here’ gallery, cant remember the name…

  5. jamie

    i saw one simply called “issue two” in the “here gallery” on stokes croft with lots of bristol heads init.

    worth hunting down as it also comes with a pack of stickers ect.

  6. Fresh Prince

    yeah thats it ^, i think its just called fan zine. Issue two. The first was ok, the new one is sick.

  7. bristolgraffiti

    Cool, ta for the heads up, will have to go and check that out…

  8. FM

    issue two is fresh. real graff by real writers

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