BS8, My Yard And Vault 13

Anyone remember the Leeky Gallery up at the very top of BS8 on Park Street? Was a cute little space that sold various works by various artists, some street, some graf, for hardly any money.

Shut down a good while back sadly, but then My Yard opened up downstairs from where it was, selling clothes and street style art. Did well for themselves, and have now taken over the entrance space to BS8, focusing just on the clothes side of things (though artists you might know have their t shirt designs in there still).

Got themselves a paint job to go with it the other week. Had meant to blog this before, but no-one seems certain exactly who or how many people were involved in painting it. Pain to take photos of  in amongst the fashionable garmentage, but got a few snaps.

Sepr was involved, and guessing this is his work.

Cheba was there too, can’t really mistake that.

Close up on the Cheba.

3Dom character, works well next to the mannequin.

and finally a My Yard logo, may have been C’est Bon this apparently, though may have been someone else.

There’s an interesting little gallery upstairs where My Yard used to be now too, will blog that in a bit, got a bit of a Leeky Gallery feel to it, which is good to see kept going.

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