Banksy – The Daily Mail Article

All over the news everywhere else today anyway, but probably shouldn’t let it pass without adding a few comments to the debate on the Daily Mail claiming to have ‘exposed’ who Banksy is.

1. Who cares?

2. Really, who cares?

3. That story hardly has anything new in it, it’s mostly just rehashed from a whole bunch of other publications. If that really took a year’s research, i’d be worried (the Gunningham/Cunningham rumour is hardly news either, though this is odd).

4. It’s not that people don’t know who Banksy is, there are people all over Bristol and beyond who knew him, know him still, and have eye watering collections of his work but think nothing of them. Hell, have even met a top flight TV news journalist who’s met him before now.

5. As for this from last month, Bristol’s own Venue first interviewed him years back, still got a copy kicking around somewhere.

6. Did i ask who cares yet?

Anything else to add?


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4 responses to “Banksy – The Daily Mail Article

  1. 7. Did the people who write this really care so much, that they were prepared to put someone in prison? Or were they just mindless idiots working for the Daily Bigot

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  3. “Exhaustive, year-long probes” go two ways!

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