Feek On Asley Hill

Well known piece this, but wandering past last week it occurred that it hadn’t appeared on the blog yet.

So, ladies and gentlemen, a massive pizza and lots of healthy veg by king of the characters, Feek.


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3 responses to “Feek On Asley Hill

  1. Teiresias

    That was due to be a new organic/posh pizza place, run by my mate Luke Kane, delivering pizzas a little like the ones you can get in BocaBar.

    Sadly he got f*cked over by the planning process, and can’t open there … but he had already got the graff done by then.

  2. Couldn’t see it coming, eh Teiresias? 😉

    Damn those Theban gods of planning!

  3. Teiresias

    Some people just don’t listen – honestly, I feel like Cassandra sometimes …

    (I usually have to explain to most people as to who the hell Teiresias is, so well done 🙂 )

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