Is Ian Bone Banksy?

The ever attentive Bristle KRS has rather wonderfully pointed out this rather amusing story.

Apparently, the Sunday Mirror has been hassling Ian Bone trying to get him to confess to being Banksy. Looks like they’re trying to run an expose on who Banksy really is, and is rapidly cycling through various different theories, now settling on the notion that Banksy’s real name isn’t Robin Banks.

Really looking forward to what they finally come up with on this one. Could be rather funny.

(As an aside, KRS has also beaten this blog to the jump on the latest news on the various Stokes Croft planning applications. Have a read of his excellent summary here…)


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13 responses to “Is Ian Bone Banksy?

  1. bone’s been stirring again… 😉

  2. Idiots. I wonder when they’ll work out that Banksy doesn’t exist.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Shhh, that secret’s not meant to leave Bristol!

  4. Cheers for the hat tip on the Stokes Croft planning apps, but the thanks should really go to Chris at PRSC who kept me in the loop about the Clockwork and Bell decisions 8)

  5. “Idiots. I wonder when they’ll work out that Banksy doesn’t exist.”

    Is that actually true? Damn, I’ve been living off the legend that I actually spoke to the bloke twice on the phone about four or five years ago. (I was trying to get him to do a mural in South London.)

    He had one of those weird West Country accents and everything. I bet it was that bastard Ian Holloway pretending to be him.

  6. bristolgraffiti

    Well, that’s the whole damn game blown with the Ian Holloway thing out the bag then innit. Sheesh, you people! Just hope the Mirror aren’t reading this…

    And KRS, yeah, got the info too, but you just posted it earlier and wrote it up better, good work!

  7. deez nutz!

    everything on this blog is about banksy!!!

  8. Darren – I think you’ll find, if you look deep inside yourself, that we are ALL Banksy.

  9. Natali,

    so i was talking to myself those two times?

    I didn’t know I could I do accents. And the hidden skill of the graffiti art is an added bonus.

  10. bristolgraffiti

    Well that mail story’s just a rehash of loads of other work then isn’t it…

  11. FM

    actually the mail on sunday’s article hits harder than most because they managed to get the woman from Here Gallery to more or less grass him up and they also tracked down his parents and schoolfriends. the jig is up i’m afraid. not long now before banksy gets the 6am wake up call from the boys in blue and maybe even his own high profile court trial, depending on what they find. don’t forget he has painted at least one tube train.

  12. bristolgraffiti

    Suspect if the police had wanted to talk to Banksy about his work, they would have done by now.

    This article assumes that people didn’t actually know who Banksy was, rather than just that it’s taken the press this long to find someone who will talk about him in a way as might identify him, which is actually the case.

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