Weapon Of Choice July 08

Day later than planned, but here are some snaps from Tuesday’s Weapon of Choice for those as couldn’t make it.

Sadly, it seems many couldn’t, as the crowd was a little thinner than usual, guess people are on holidays and the students have mostly gone home. Still though, a really good night with a wicked vibe.

The obligatory blank boards shot at the start of the night.

After a while, Epok and Mr Riks get started whilst Molar, in the words of local journalism, ‘looks on’.

Not too long after, Molar steps up too for some character work.

It all starts coming together pretty quickly at the start, getting the work on before the live acts really kick off.

Start of Molar’s character as he nips off for a mo…

Soon all back to it and spreading down the board.

Had to go longer with the shots once the acts started up, lighting changed as well.

Once the top bit was mostly sketched out the shading started getting filled in properly.

Sneaky glimpse of how far Molar’s character had got once the view was clear for a mo…

…and then, as seems customary at this night now, the artists all wander off for a break.

Back to it, and with a couple of MCs putting on a pretty top notch show (the acapella poetry was particularly good), the KTF Crew logo for the piece goes on.

Close up of the character work again, not seen much of Molar’s work before, like it.

Epok starts filling in some hatching as the rest of the shading gets done.

But with time pressing on, there we had to leave it, sure a shot of the finished piece will be somewhere on the internet by now if you dig around.

Another really top night, the space left by the smaller crowd was soon filled by the live acts, and their freestyling worked really well with the work going on behind.

Must find out who’s up next month, and word has it that any readers in Guernsey (you never know i guess) will be treated to their own rather special Weapon of Choice night fairly soon, with, if memory serves, Mr Jago, Inkie, Cheba and Nikill. Will let you know.

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