Mudwig in Shoreditch

Bit of London antics for you, came across this small Mudwig the other week in trendy Shoreditch, across the road from the end of Rivington Street.

Anyone translate ‘Noi Priv’?

Thought not…


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4 responses to “Mudwig in Shoreditch

  1. Earl Gray

    Who is Mudwig?
    I found on in Bricklane, liked it so much, might make into a Tshirt.

  2. Wow…. another one! Saw one on Lettuce’s blog.
    Mudwig gets around.

  3. ozz

    not sure ‘noi priv’ is translatable. i reckon mudwig makes them up

  4. ha! well no idea what noi priv means, but i found “Mudwig is a pleb” on/near brick lane

    (tried to leave a link but couldn’t post it…)

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