Brook Road, Montpelier

Never sure if this road is in Montpelier or St Pauls, but wandering down it last weekend jogged the memory on a few things anyway.

Just off Ashley Road, it’s the scene of a big piece of community style street art this little road. It’s been there a few years, but i guess the collective memory’s faded now that it was done to cover up a massive wall of tagging caused by Banksy.

Not sure if it was the absolute first, but the left hand side of this wall was one of the very earliest places that one of the Banksy ‘Legal graffiti wall’ signs was sprayed, making it look as though the wall was a designated graffiti spot.

The tagging built up for ages, until eventually this piece was done over the top.

A similar piece was added to the other side for good measure. Along with some Wssk antics down the bottom there.

A short road really, so only other bits of note are what looks like a Before Chrome tag of some sort….

UPDATE: Thanks to commenters, it’s actually Black Cloud.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to another commenter, apparently it’s not!

…and, keeping with the religious theme, this odd but amusing stencil of an evil looking Calvin.


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4 responses to “Brook Road, Montpelier

  1. MKWF

    Alright, the cloud and buildings on the lamp post are by Black Cloud.

  2. cord(tm)

    Black Cloud it is.

    They also recently went around with Sums doing a few Ice Cream posters by temple meads.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Awesome, cheers both, duly updated!

  4. The real deal black cloud

    That is nothing to do with me at all…some dude started scribbling dodgy clouds around st pauls area a while ago, but yeah, none of it was my doing…

    thats the real deal…

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