Graf at the Glade in Glastonbury

Getting towards the end of the Glastonbury festival photos now, there was so much there it’s taken a while!

Here’s a really random set that happened one night. Wandering through the Glade, spotted an unmistakable Cyclops/Sweet Toof/Rowdy piece and stopped to get a photo of it, more as a reminder to go back and get a better one than anything else.

A bit further down, spotted a guy finishing off a piece. Took a photo, and then realised what he was finishing off said ‘Haker’. Seemed too much of a random coincidence, but indeed it wasn’t, as the guy painting was Bristol graf artist Haker himself.

Turns out he’d been commissioned to do a whole load of painting round the Glade, and this was one of the final bits getting finished off.

Stopped for a chat and to watch him finish off the green jacket and can of Red Stripe on a happy policeman…

…like so.

Very random Glastonbury moment.

So went back the next day to get photos of some more of what was there, as well as the finished piece.

Close up on the characters…

…and the name.

Was pleased and amused to see a shout out to this blog had appeared over the top of the piece too. Hello to anyone who found it through spotting that sign!

There was tons of other great work round the Glade. As you came in from the Other Stage direction, this signage, I think by Haker as well, was there to greet you…

…artwork that fits this part of the site really well.

Just along from the sign was this stuff, guessing it’s by 3rd Eye.

Next to it this, which rings many annoyingly nameless bells.

Seems another west country graf concern was getting a shout out on this one too, the Capsule Creative Suite down in Frome. Top stuff!


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4 responses to “Graf at the Glade in Glastonbury

  1. Boswell

    The last few pics are by Vermin Pen 3rdEYE and Boswell SOF crew.

  2. glyn

    just checking your blog. Was at Glade festival at the weekend and spotted some work by somebody calleed ‘something’23 – I can’t remember for sure what the name was…If you know, hit me up. Thanks

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Not sure to be honest, anyone else any ideas?

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