Graffle 2

It’s been being talked about for ages now in a way, but it’s now all starting to get rather official and exciting. Graffle 2’s only a couple of months away, and the launch for it is in less than 2 weeks.

Here’s the latest media release for it…


An original piece of highly sought after urban artwork from for just £10!

GRAFFLE was born from the idea that Dominic Rowswell could repay some of the charities that original helped out his son (Loris) when he was born in 2006 (he was born 3lbs 14oz and spent 2 weeks in NICU followed by 2 hernia operations and a week’s hospital stay to treat pneumonia).

Dominic felt the urge to repay the services that helped his son, so in January 2008 he organised the first GRAFFLE where 32 highly sought after pieces of artwork were raffled for charity. These including Banksy’s ‘Stop And Search’ studio proof no.1 and Nick Walker’s ‘The Morning After Bristol’.

Its outstanding success and great reception from the urban art scene has meant that Dominic simply ‘has’ to repeat the event, this time teaming up with Bristol artist and organiser of the Steal From Work art shows; Motorboy. So GRAFFLE 2 is now in preparation for this summer 2008.

GRAFFLE 2 is a raffle of urban/street/graffiti art where esteemed international street artists are asked to donate an original piece of artwork, which is then raffled off at a cost of only £10 per ticket.

All money raised will be donated to three charities that signifying the life cycle of a child:

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) (Bristol)

Expert medical care to vulnerable premature and sick newborn babies.

Fairbridge West (Bristol)

Helping young people living with poverty, crime, drugs and hardship.

Richard House Children’s Hospice (London)

Looks after children with life-limiting conditions during their journey through life to death, creating positive experiences along the way.

and check the list of artists who are contributing a piece to it!

Futura 2000
Guy Denning
Ian Francis
Jason Atomic
Jef Aerosol
John Squire
Mark Ward
Matt Small
Mau Mau
Miss Bugs
Mr Jago
Nick Walker
Pam Glew
Pure Evil
The Art Tart
Will Barras
Will St Leger

Great to see Bristol so well represented there. There’s a name or two still missing from the list by the looks of things, but still, 43 artists so far, and and a target of getting 50 to put something in, so there’s still space for the latecomers.

It’s a brilliant project, fair warms the cockles of your heart. Will let you know as more news emerges…

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