Piece It Together In Clifton

Found this odd piece the other week, up on The Mall in Clifton, by where it joins Portland Street.

Just a stencil of a single solitary jigsaw piece, big one though.



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5 responses to “Piece It Together In Clifton

  1. I’ve seen that around a few times — I looked out this morning, and found maybe a clue to the puzzle in the alleyway between The Polygon and Cornwallis Crescent:


  2. bristolgraffiti

    How strange, seems a similar style, perhaps being puzzled by it is the point…

  3. Ernesto Priego

    It’s really nice.

  4. There’s an outline of a puzzle piece on the pavement across from Swanton’s barber shop on Bruton Place (I think that’s what the street’s called…)

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