Workshop and Fifty Fifty closing down!

Got an email about this when at Glastonbury, but dropped in today to find out more. Apparently, famous skate shop Fifty Fifty on Park Row, along with Workshop, scene of many great art shows by the likes of Sickboy, Xenz, What?, Klingatron and even a Banksy print release, are both closing down.

Not the end as such, as they’re going to be merging into one new shop, hopefully still very close by, but still, end of an era really. Fifty Fifty had been there for 10 years or so now, and Workshop, whilst only getting a couple of years in, did some awesome stuff in the short time it had.

Here’s hoping the new store will be a consolidation of the best bits of both of them, and bring even bigger and better things to the worlds of skate, fashion and graf in Bristol.

Workshop’s now become a ridiculously cheap sale store for all the old stock from both shops though, so if you fancy a bargain, get down there. It’ll be open til it runs out.

Check out the Richt sale drawings on the walls there too…



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6 responses to “Workshop and Fifty Fifty closing down!

  1. Go and ask them what they’re doing with the door. The Richt door. That should go for shitloads, would be great for Graffle.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Good idea, duly suggested!

  3. Teiresias

    I did like the one liner on the wall behind the tills in Workshop

    ‘Shoplifters will be laughed at’

    Sadly I think I missed all the good stuff – though I did walk out with a Dave White T for a tenner …

  4. deez nutz!

    CANT WAIT!!!!!

  5. them drawing should be placed behind perspex and then put on ebay

  6. mel

    not closing down. moving to Travelling Man on park street.
    bout time the was a skate shop on college green

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