Eko by Fifty Fifty

Just thought, if you are going to head down to the old Workshop or Fifty Fifty this weekend for a bargain or two, do check out this small Eko piece by Fifty Fifty. Dates back to 2003, and Eko’s a really under recognised part of the whole Kuildoosh, nay Bristol, scene.

Trademark birdhouses, the lot, take a moment to enjoy it next time you’re on your way past…


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9 responses to “Eko by Fifty Fifty

  1. FM

    style-wise Eko is probably the most naturally gifted graffiti writer/artist in the city (though i’m not suggesting he doesn’t work hard to hone those gifts) and has been for 10 years. even the bombers give him his due for being fresh.

    his brand of funk is too advanced, too cryptic, for the flickr goons and mainstream fans and they haven’t yet sewn their tongues into the seat of his trousers like they have with Sickboy and all the in-it-for-a-minute street art wannabes.

  2. FM

    i say ‘in the city’, i don’t think he actually lives in bristol anymore. whatever, bow down to a style master! 😉

  3. bristolgraffiti

    That’s the weird thing isn’t it, at that Drewett Neate auction the other month, everyone on the net was wondering who the hell Eko was and what he was doing in that auction.

    At the same time, a lot of the artists these same people were getting excited over were getting excited over Eko’s work in that auction.

  4. Anon

    is it pronounced eco or echo? I’ve heard of him before but i dont think ive seen alot of his work

  5. FM

    pronounced eco. that was his original tag. he’s also done stuff as Ecoe/Ekoe.

  6. Bilko

    Eco’s original tag was ‘Decode’ back in the day, up north… I dont think he’ll mind me dropping that lil slice of graff knowledge!

    A true style master and one of the nicest lads out there. Big up Sir Eco!

  7. deez nutz!

    hands down the best graphic / graffiti artist in the uk and one of the best in the world! just look at those mf doom album covers for one!
    what the fuck do Drewett Neate or any of these new graffiti / raffle auctions know anyway!!?
    WORD TO EKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. best thing in bristol, best artist in bristol full stop!!!!!!!!

  9. stroudies

    eko is one of the best graphics teachers and hard grafters in the stroud/dursley locale

    big up

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