Paris and Mudwig Paint The Park At Glastonbury

So, bit of a mammoth one this one, might want to get a brew on first before reading. As mentioned before, Paris and Mudwig got down to Glastonbury Festival early to paint some more shelters in the Park field, after Paris and Milk had done the same the previous year.

Pleasingly, the Paris and Milk ones had been put back up again this year, none the worse the wear for all the mud.

There were a few new shelters to paint, but only had time to watch them being done on Monday, when they were painting ones right up on the top of the newly opened up hill looking down over the whole site at the top of the Park.

Here’s Mudwig marking one of them out, the start of a long process in the hot sun.

Another one had already been filled in by the time we got up there, this year’s work was apparently going to be based on the theme of odd and, well, odd adverts. Subvertising i guess, a previous Mudwig hobby back in the day.

It seems glamorous doesn’t it, this graffiti thing, but remember kids, it’s not. Most of it involves painting base coats on surface for ages before any real painting can go on.

Still though, once the previous one gets dry, Mudwig gets down to filling it in with some colour.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Of course, a furry, smiley one eyed ham with Mudchips!

Meanwhile Paris gets on with his letter forms to give the cigar advert a ‘Smoothy Blend’ logo.

There were four shelters up on the hill in total, and whilst Mudwig had been painting his bits, Paris had gone and put a big ‘Seal’ on one of the other ones, ready for a Mudwig seal character of some form. Didn’t last though, got painted out with something else as you’ll see below.

The site had been getting buzzed all day by RAF planes, Tornadoes practicing bombing runs, and a big old four engined supply plane flew low down the valley as these were being done. Here’s Mudwig keeping an eye out for more whilst Paris gets his paint on…

So, the final touches to the Smoothy Blend piece mark an end to the day’s painting.

So, ridiculous, busy and huge as the festival is, didn’t get back to check out the shelters until the following Sunday, by which time all of the shelters had been finished, and tagged pretty badly in places.

Liked this one. The original idea for a worm on one of these shelters was a little different to this finished piece though…

Can’t make out an advertising message here…

Kuildoosh take on science. Winner as yet unclear.

The ‘doosh can really mash up your brain. Especially if you’re a red pepper.

A logo, or just doing exactly what is says on the tin? (Another Paddington in there too if you notice)

The finished Smoothy Blend piece. Those tagers couldn’t be bothered to walk up a hill then? Was a mission…

And the finished ham and mudchips piece.

Remember the Seal one marked out above? Ended up as this…

Finally, the blank one from above ended up with this on it. Really no idea what’s going on with this one at all.

Ultimately though, top blokes for getting all that painted for minimal pay and in double quick time. Let’s hope these shelters go back up next year too, look forward to seeing what else gets added to the site in the Kuildoosh way.

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