Xenz and Busk Paint Glastonbury Shangri-La

So, some more of the Glastonbury graf for you, this time with Xenz and (long time London writer) Busk, who by the looks of things work really well together.

The location was the ‘Slumbarave’, a venue in the Shangri-la area of Glastonbury festival, which is meant to have replaced Lost Vagueness but is to all intents and purposes still the same. You’ll find a description of the Slumbarave a third of the way or so down this page, never went into it when open, but the artwork on it was spectacular.

So, knew Xenz was on site, but wandering around on the Monday, came across painting in action, with these two boards coming along well…

…and these pieces drying in the sun…

…and a fine selection of paints.

Wandered back that night and blagged a way inside the venue to get a couple of snaps of some of the stuff inside. Really lovely people setting it all up, even got excused from taking my boots off, in direct contravention of venue policy.

Here was one board…

…and here the other.

So, next day have to go back and get photos of the whole outside, now all attached and set up. Hard to say for certain which bits are Xenz and which Busk in places, but you can spot the birds a mile off, and the whole thing looked utterly awesome.

Another shot with a side piece, poss still not quite done at the top.

Close up of the birds on that side. Beautiful.

Round from that, some more flowers and birds.

And again.

These three were pretty special, some of the best Xenz birds i’ve seen in a long time.


And finally, this awesome Peacock.

This place looked amazing. Got some other, slightly random Xenz and Busk ‘live painting’ shots for you later in the week too.


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2 responses to “Xenz and Busk Paint Glastonbury Shangri-La

  1. Hi there,

    sittin here wi busk, we hope that you may be able to sort us a copy of your photos as we didnt get a chance to take any ourselves, flippin hectic.


  2. Kathie

    We have lots of photos, can send you some if you like?
    Thanks for making our Glastonbury special. Tea and toast for anyone?

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