Mudwig And Paris Bomb Glastonbury

After a spot of painting at the Park field, and possibly an ale or two, Paris and Mudwig seem to have spent a bit of time ‘freestyling some letter forms’ round the site. As blogged before, self descriptive graffiti is an occasional but pretty funny Mudwig style now and again.

This is the first one i came across on the Wednesday if memory serves, got pretty badly painted over with other work a day or two later, but  must have been pretty fresh at this point. A farewell to Glastonbury after the painting was done perhaps?

Next to it (these were both by the bridge on the main drag between Jazz World and Leftfield stages) was this from Paris.

Up by the backstage gate for the Avalon stage, there was this, ‘Mudwig is really prat’. The bit in black above is pretty random.

Just next to it, this from Paris.

Just down from there towards the cabaret tent, this rather bold statement.

Then the difficult ones. Lots of this was on the long drop toilets. Ever tried to look normal whilst taking photographs of toilets? Pretty bloody difficult.

Just behind the one above on the next block down, this from Mudwig.

Now, as mentioned, all of this got a fair few people talking on site, and it even made Saturday’s edition of the Glastonbury newspaper. Not sure if there was one that I didn’t find, or whether they’re referring to the one above but mis remembered exactly what Mudwig was on it. Comedy though.

So, there must have been more around, but the only other two i found was this on the long drops by the Leftfield tent. Existentialism, or just ran out of space?

And this, found on the last day, already pretty knackered, on a portaloo by the Glade.

Seems you can go tagging and still get people thinking and talking then after all…


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2 responses to “Mudwig And Paris Bomb Glastonbury

  1. I reckon most people underthink tagging anyway.

  2. wall rape

    big ratings…..

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