The Park Field At Glastonbury

So, here we go with the Glastonbury antics. Wasn’t going to blog this lot first, but it seems they may contain a Banksy (again), so thought it worth getting out of the way now.

So, Paris and Mudwig painted some more shelters in the Park field at Glastonbury this year before the festival opened. Watched them being done in the summer sun on the Monday, but didn’t get back to check out the finished works until the following Sunday. By this time a lot of the work had been tagged, and some of the shelter backs had other people’s work on with apparently no trace of any Kuildoosh at all. They may not have been finished in the first place, but a bit harsh to completely paint out and go over so quickly if that was what happened.

Round some of these shelters, there was a pretty knackered looking ice cream van, with various bits on it, but after a week on site it didn’t look too out of place really, so only bothered getting this photo of a sign on the back of it.

Very similar to a previous Banksy piece a few years back (the one of the Full Moon Pub oddly enough). Word on the net has it that it was Banksy’s van, selling Jay Z and hip hop style tat for a fiver, and putting on a bit of a sound system. Pretty sure it was in the stone circle on Wednesday night blaring out drum and bass, which is pretty off really, any other part of the site fair enough, but usually that place is left alone for a bit of peace and quiet.

Anyway, another ‘Was it Banksy?’ bunch of speculation for you. Hoorah. As a previous commenter summed it up a week or so ago, does it really matter? You either like it or you don’t.

Two other shelters there had non Kuildoosh work on, here’s the first, see what they did there?

And the second, another framed Michael Eavis portrait, but more pleasingly than that, one of a few of those Paddington Bear ‘Migration is not a crime’ stencils you see round Park Row and the Christmas Steps now and again. Really like them for some reason, and lots of other people taking photos seemed to too.

Bit of a close up on the Paddington.

And the stencil of a starving african child with a bunch of flowers, not seen this one before.

So yeah, could have missed some photos of a Banksy thing there, but never mind, if that was it, then there was definitely better graf and art going on elsewhere over the week.


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5 responses to “The Park Field At Glastonbury

  1. cord(tm)

    The Wrong team in Glastonbury, hahah. They seem to be spreading fast. Have you got a picture of the Wrong bridge over the M32?

  2. Yay, nice to see that Paddington stencil wasn’t a one off.

  3. Those silly wssk boys.

    Suprising what three days of painting bus shelters and lots of red wine can do…………………

    Turn them into frenzied taggers. Mudwig in the Glasto paper is the bollox.

    Keep on keeping on, still laughing at Mudwig is off

  4. A D

    You’re confusing Wrong Island (which is a group rowdy is part of) with Wrong TNP TFS which is who’s hit that shelter and the M32…

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