Glastonbury Photos Coming Up

Hello again.

Hope you enjoyed the last week’s worth of content whilst we all trooped off to Glastonbury Festival, good to see people still chatting in our absence.

So, have got utterly tons of graf photos to bring you from the festival, lots of Paris and Mudwigs (including a whole new lot of ‘Mudwig is…’ pieces that were quick a topic of conversation round the site) lots and lots of beautiful Xenz pieces, as well as Cyclops, Sweet Toof, Rowdy, Hacker and other random bits round the site.

Going to take a while to blog them all, but will be getting them all out as fast as possible over the next week, and for now, here’s the festival by line that had been stenciled all over the site by the organisers before people turned up. Guess they’re catching on to the messaging power of graf!

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