Around The Bell Off Jamaica Street

The Bell is a pretty wicked pub down just off Jamaica Street. Perhaps because it’s just by Screen One print house, or perhaps because it’s just a very cool pub, it’s long been a hangout for graf and street artists in Bristol.

There’s a good bit of graf inside, that will get blogged here in due course (the tagging in the toilets is a bit of ‘who’s who’ at times), but the outside of it has seen its share of work as well.

This piece on the front of the pub has gone now, though you can still just about make it out. It was up around Christmas last year, at the same time as it appeared in the ’12 Days of Xmas’ show at Bridewell Police Station. Ghostboy and Ozzy Mandust collaboration, ‘Toffs Love A Bit Of Claret’ if memory serves.

This piece was round the back of the pub around the same time, a wicked tribute to Ireland from Messrs Dicy and Feek of the TCF.

It’s now been replaced with another piece by Sepr, semi-official decorator of the area round Stokes Croft.

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