Bristol Fine Art

Saw this sign outside Bristol Fine Art on Park Row the other day, and found it somewhat amusing.

A Fine Art shop, frequented by respectable Clifton oil painting types and part of the Royal West of England Academy no less, is advertising itself as a place to buy Molotow spray paints, which are apparently ‘essential writing supplies’.

How times have changed…


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11 responses to “Bristol Fine Art

  1. A lot of people using spraypaint are also art students or involved in the graphic design field. This is also in Clifton with an art college (I think anyway) nearby – rather than a scummy, undereducated area (eg: Bedminster – before anyone says, I’m South Bristol born and bred) that has a lot of alternate uses for the cans. Plenty of opportunities for “legit” requests to stock them. I’ve also caught a lot of talk about how it’s hitting people hard in the bank balance to buy paint, and that resources to buy them are limited.

    So yes. Not really surprised. I was wondering when it would happen.

  2. deez nutz!

    they have sold paint there for ages and also sell
    markers and inks, they support alot of street/graffiti artists, kick down good deals and have supplied very very well known graffiti artists with canvas’s and paints for some time now.
    good on them i say!!!!
    the girl in there also has a nice rack!

  3. Bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, i know, just thought the advertising strap line seemed kinda funny in that context, since when was hard core writing a ‘fine art’? Especially given the hassle other places have had for selling paint before now too. (Posting this from glasto by the way so may not be able to reply for a bit!)

  4. tommy norris

    she does have a nice rack indeed !!!!

  5. FM

    yeah they been selling em for at least a year. £4 is extremely steep, no writer with a bit of experience would pay that. i generally pick mine up for £2.50 or less and as a rule i refuse to pay more than 3 pounds. fair play to the shop, there must be a huge market for divs buying one can of black to do a wanky stencil.

    natali, bedminster used to have a small shop selling molotow paint on north street, bout 5 years ago now, but due to their naivety they got cleaned out on more that one occasion. a 20 year old female shop assistant didn’t stand much chance against 15 scoundrels filling a bin liner with paint!

  6. FM

    P.S oh and resources are never limited if you’re clued up. obviously the people you’ve spoken to don’t know the score. even the shoplifters have a bountiful harvest in this region of the country.

  7. deez nutz!

    fuck it!
    lets get back to the nice rack!

  8. josh

    ive been getting ripped of there for a while now. anyone know anywhere else in bristol that sells molotow or montana?
    its damn embarrassing going in that shop they stare at you the whole time your choosing paint.

  9. p

    i no a boke who sell paint at about £3.60 if thats any help ?

  10. TimboTron

    They sell MTN 94 cans now, only 3 for £10 they have a massive colour range too 😀

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