Where The Nick Walker Butterfly Used To Be…

Remember this Nick Walker piece that used to be up on a door on the triangle?

Well, it’s now gone.

In fact it went a couple of weeks ago, but have been waiting to blog it whilst doing some digging to find out what’s happened to it, and have yet to reach any conclusions, so worth blogging now anyway.

Basically, the venue to the right of the photo, The Park, has Nick Walker work inside (must blog that at some point) and so initial assumption was they might have taken it down for safe keeping. But they state firmly that they haven’t. Terry Olpin, to the left, haven’t returned any calls about it as yet.

So, no idea what’s become of the original door, shall keep you posted if anything emerges…


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2 responses to “Where The Nick Walker Butterfly Used To Be…

  1. I never got around to finding that one. Oh well. I doubt it’s been taken to make money – he’s always selling canvas versions of what he puts out on the street. Not like that door could have been stolen or the Walker isn’t legit in his own right.

  2. cord(tm)

    I loved that door, I was tempted to take it myself!

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