Random Bit On Purdown Monument

Now, as long time readers will know, this blog generally doesn’t cover just tagging. But hell, when you’ve walked all the way up to the Purdown Monument, you may as well cover what you find there.

So, found this. Anyone any ideas?


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4 responses to “Random Bit On Purdown Monument

  1. Looks like Hebrew to me, but as to what it says, no idea, I’m afraid.

  2. Looking at wikipedia, the text is made up of the following letters:

    Nun Reish Mem Quph Lamed


    So maybe it’s “Normal” ?

  3. Bear in mind, though, that Hebrew’s not written in that direction!

  4. You’re right about Hebrew and the right to left, Matt. The letters translated into Roman would be LKMRN. Le means “to”. I first thought it may have meant “to Qumran” but Qumran is spelt differently in Hebrew. It’s not unusual for Hebrew words to have no vowel characters. The vowel sound may be inferred from the order of the consonants. One of my fluent Hebrew speaking British friends and his Israeli wife have a Hebrew keyboard so they googled LKMRN in Hebrew on google.il but there were no sites, no names, no nothing. Someone has caused a wild goose chase. Perhaps it was written by Purdown Man.

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