The Blog Paints A Van

Well, not really, but a few months ago a guy put a call out to see if there were any Bristol graf artists who’d be up for painting a newly restored camper van. Always happy to help, we did some digging and, after a few months of false starts with different people (artists are often somewhat tricky people to pin down), tracked down 3Dom and Voyder (Clockwork, Golden Lion, etc) who stepped up to the plate. 

So, looks like they’ve done an excellent job, certainly the van owner’s really chuffed with how it’s turned out, all for a pretty reasonable price too. 

Here’s the van at the start, not the prettiest of machines after having a load of work done on it. 

So the guys set about masking out the windows and marking it all up

They work pretty quickly, so here’s one side approaching being done. 

And the other side, with some trademark 3Dom and Voyder work. 

The van owner’s a surfer, so got a Surfers Against Sewage shout out put on the back. 

So here’s a shot of the thing pretty much done. Lovely stuff. 

If anyone else out there has got a van, car or horse drawn cart they want improving, get in touch!


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3 responses to “The Blog Paints A Van

  1. Simon/Starski

    This is very inspiring Blog peeps thankyou for your efforts I’ve posted it to some friends and look forward to having more time to look at your great site.

  2. cord(tm)

    Looks amazing man!

    I’ve been after C’est Bon to see if he wants to do my car, but no luck!

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