Another New ‘Banksy’ In Glastonbury

So, following the fun of the last ‘Banksy’ in Glastonbury town, here’s supposedly another one. I know for a fact this wasn’t there last weekend, and have been informed it wasn’t there yesterday (Thursday) so seems it must have been done last night. It’s been done next to the previous genuine Banksy of a policeman searching a small girl (that’s now disappeared as reported here before)

See, hugely suspicious about this one too. Would Banksy, a long, long time Glastonbury festival attendee and supporter, really criticise Michael Eavis for booking Jay-Z? Especially given the real reason it’s not sold out is because of the continuous years of mud.

So, no, it’s not a Banksy.

According to the web, it’s done by a different person to the one who did the stadium, neither of whom are Banksy, and isn’t finished yet.

Hope to put up some photos of when it’s done, if it gets finished.

Photo credits – Jason Bryant

UPDATE: The Central Somerset Gazette has immediately called it as a Banksy (and turned off comments on the article too) . Bizarre.


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15 responses to “Another New ‘Banksy’ In Glastonbury

  1. I require 1 baseball bat with the words “NOT EVERY FUCKING STENCIL IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE IS POTENTIALLY A FUCKING BANKSY” to use in circumstances like this.

    Because now it’s just lazy lazy lazy journalism. Every person writing articles about street art that invoke his name should be ashamed of themselves. I know I’m not the only one cringing.

  2. Dyson

    Who cares whos dont it… Art should provoke debate. This does… At the very least it made me laugh. Not a bad emotion…

  3. grumpy cunt!

    soooooooooooooooo funny!!!

  4. cord(tm)

    I say this is more “GhostBoy” then Banksy. Less political, more current event, if you know what I mean.

  5. Its not a banksy, its one of mine. Embarrased it got pinned on Banksy. You can see the video of this piece with explanation here: , You can also see my Credit Crunch video on Wooster Collective. (Went live 20th June.) More planned for Glastonbury… Syd TV.

  6. The Atomic Mr T

    Absolutely sure this is not Banksy as he generally has the skill and artistic ability to make his stencils look like his subjects

  7. Spuddy Holly

    That face is so out of proportion it looks like he has got a pea head with attachable beard…
    And the colour bits are totally off.

  8. Damo

    Spuddy Holly, when workin at speed perfection cant always be achieved. the stencil gets across its message simply, which is what theyre designed for, no?

  9. Anon

    Damo, although stencils are designed to be done with speed that doesnt mean it has to compromise proportions. And any stenciler worth his weight can line up the first layer and the second layer, no matter how much time he has, although personally i think that if he wants to do 2 layers he should make the whole body the same colour, it would look better as a single layer, single colour stencil though.

  10. Bilko

    I think that when you are cutting a stencil, you have all the time in the world. So perfection could be achieved every time…
    The art of the stencil is in the cutting, not the spraying.

  11. sparrow

    its not banksy or ghostboy ! ITS TERRIBLE.

  12. Its now finished and errors fixed. It got on the bbc news with more bling and fixed face. Cheers Syd TV

  13. i don’t claim to know anything about graffitti (although’i know what i like’!!)

    erm but if you don’t want it to be pinned on Banksy why use pretty much the same font for the words?

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