Bits By Venue On North/Overton Road

Saw these couple of things on the old Venue building over by the Gloucester Road a couple of weeks back.

First of all, and saw a fair bit of this in this area, there were some tags crossed out with red paint. Guessing some people don’t like some other people, and the battle’s played out through the medium of paint. See more of this sort of stuff round that area it seems than in most other areas where people go tagging.

and some more…

Second, there was this odd stencil, not that well done, and not entirely clear what its point was either. Someone’s gone to some trouble to cut all those letters out though. Odd.

UPDATE: Saturnine’s found another one of these before down on Coronation Road, here it is, borrowed from here. 

The dood doing them could really benefit from practicing their stenciling a little. 


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6 responses to “Bits By Venue On North/Overton Road

  1. It’s a quote from Hegel’s _Introduction to Aesthetics_. Odd.

  2. I am pretty sure there is/was a stencil on Coronation Road similar to that, but I can’t for the life of me find the photo of it. And I have 222 photos tagged “stencil” on Flickr… so yeh. Awkward.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    An odd stencil then. Found your one on Coronation Road and added to the blog above!

  4. That _saturnine pic reminds me, I am very much enjoying the Shoestring stickers cropping up all over the shop.

  5. Ernesto Priego

    I find it interesting that the Hegelian quote, saying what it says, should be not that well done. Maybe it’s on purpose? Even if it wasn’t on purpose, the irony is there.

  6. MKWF

    the bottom photo, the sticker is ERIC from Plymouth.

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