Pics From Sepr’s Show At The Croft

Was only on for a day this show, but a pretty good selection of pieces from a whole bunch of different artists had been put together for it. The Croft was actually a really good venue for something like this too, pretty chilled, good music, decent bar and lots of space.

Photography was pretty difficult, especially in the darker back/gig room, but here’s some shots of some of the bits that were there.

3 monkeys style piece from Acer, like it, and surprisingly cheap too.

A print in typical Motorboy style, same as in the ‘Not A Penny’ show if memory serves.

There were a few pieces like this, really liked them, and, of course, forgot to photograph the name. Any reader care to fill in the blank in the comments section?

UPDATE: These are by Silent Hobo, cheers Greg!

Black on gold print by Rowdy, very impressive in the flesh, a bugger to photograph.

Big piece by Body English.

More Dosar, like in the last Guerrilla Galleries show…

…and a treasonous piece by Aero too.

Bid dubby diptych by Haka

This was very different, more Body English, looked great in the darkened room, sort of reminiscent of 3D’s work in a way. Very lovely.

Trademark Sepr work.

More Sepr, a pretty darn huge piece.

Finally, a couple of pieces by Epok, only ¬£75 and they’re yours.

This show was a bit of a dry run in a way, but think they’ve hit on something here, be very good to see them get another one together at The Croft in the not too distant future.


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4 responses to “Pics From Sepr’s Show At The Croft

  1. Franky Bones

    Looks like some nice pieces in this – shame it was only on for a day…
    Did much sell?

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Don’t know to be honest, possibly not given how short and low key it was, drop Sepr a line through his website if you’re after anything i guess –

  3. Greg

    I really like the bar staff pic. It’s by Silent Hobo A couple of his pieces sold at the Dreweatts auction this week.

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Legend, cheers man, that’s the one! I thought that bar staff pic was pretty sweet too, interesting perspective.

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