A New Banksy In Glastonbury?

Word’s spreading of a new Banksy piece in Glastonbury town, in a pre-festival style like last year. The piece is apparently on the side of the Abbey Moor Football Stadium, but so far the only pic that seems to be around is a tiny one on a newspaper website.

Have a read of the story and check out the photo below (taken from the newspaper website, have had a play with it in photoshop but has anyone got a decent bigger photo anywhere?). Dunno, doesn’t immediately look right somehow, that running girl is a bit 2D, and the policemen look a bit overdone. Be interesting to see if it’s officially confirmed as one.

The story about it is here.

UPDATE 16/06/08:

Have had a chat with the Central Somerset Gazette about it, and they’re interested to know if it’s genuine or not (doesn’t seem like it’s been confirmed as genuine by anyone other than the club owners).

So, suspect it’s a honest mistake / misidentification. Happily, the Central Somerset Gazette’s been good enough to send over this higher res photo for this blog.

Closer up on the policemen

…and on the little girl running away with the ball.

What do you think? 99.99% certain it’s not genuine here. Have your say here or on the Central Somerset Gazette website.


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11 responses to “A New Banksy In Glastonbury?

  1. Lacks his subtle touch/layers IMO. It actually looks like a pretty crappy stencil… but that could be the quality of photo. All numpties posing by street art when they’re not the artist need to be kicked in the kneecaps.

  2. Buffin

    Glastonbury – Check
    Policemen – Check
    Humour – Check
    Placement – Check
    Feet – Check
    Quality – Not even on a bad day, blind drunk and hanging from a building in a snowstorm with a broken arm.

  3. etch1

    No way genuine. Unless he’s recently had a stroke/serious brain trauma.

  4. Franky Bones

    That football girl nearly made me fall off my chair!

    Thats is the funniest stencil i have ever seen. So, so bad.

  5. ozz

    the little girl’s got a pointy beard

  6. cord(tm)

    If anyone thought that was a Banksy, they need their eyes testing.

  7. bristolgraffiti

    Listening to us man, this blog ain’t about me…

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  9. Laura

    The syle is not even slightly the same as Banksy’s!!

  10. Ben

    Genuine what? where does it say its a banksy? Did banksy invent stencil art? I doubt very much that who ever did this was trying to pretend to be Banksy. Laughable!

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