Bristol Design Festival And Live Painting Tonight

For those into these things, the Bristol Design Festival starts today, going on til next tuesday. Much more of a design thing than a graf thing, but this blog’s helped someone enter the ‘grafikea’ competition that’s going on as part of the festival, so it’s all a bit interlinked.

Anyway, word’s just reached blogging towers that there’s going to be some live painting as part of the festival going on tonight (Friday 13th), featuring Cheo, China Mike, Andy Council and, of course, mr live painting himself, Cheba. 

It’s from 7pm to 9:30pm, and you can exchange your presence at the event for free booze as well. 

So, head down to the Old Fire Station on Silver Street (behind where the 12 days show was). Postcode’s BS1 2PY for those that want to google map it. 

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