More Going On This Saturday

Sepr’s posted it in the comments, but worth pulling it into its own post in case people miss it. Stokes Croft’s got even more stuff going on in it this saturday, with a show at The Croft. Here’s the news from Sepr

There will also be a free exhibition at the croft (just down the rd from jamaica st) this saturday daytime from 11am till 6pm to celebrate (!?) the queens birthday featuring a range of different work from local artists- Body English, Epok, Motorboy, Poer, Samfrancisco, Dosar, Shikha Kuehn, Haka, Simon Lloyd, Sepr, Song, Rowdy, Flx, Tape Ears, True, Aero, Silent Hobo and more on the day.

There will be djs in the front bar and theres a new record shop opening upstairs that day. Its free so if you’re in the area anyway pop in n ave a look!

Sound very cool, The Croft’s a top venue too, so get yourself down there! 

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One response to “More Going On This Saturday

  1. Bit more detail on the musical side: Juxtaposeur (WoBcast/West of Bastard) will be hosting a live Skip To The End podcast from around 2pm…

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