Jamaica Street Open Studios This Weekend

At the heart of all this People Republic of Stokes Croft stuff is the building at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street, the Jamaica Street Studios. Full of all sorts of interesting artists from graf to street to, well, contemporary i guess, once a year they throw open their doors for you to have a good nose around.

This years open doors is this weekend, so why not go along and check it all out, or have a bash at doing some painting yourself? You never know, Banksy himself might even show up!*

Details below…

Jamaica Street Open Studios Weekend Friday 13th- Sunday 15th June

Opening Night Friday 13th June from 7pm – 10pm
Saturday 14th June 11am – 5pm
Sunday 15th June 11am- 5pm

Recycling of old Canvasses and painting of boards on Turbo Island.
We will erect painting boards on Turbo island, and will have a selection of canvasses and surfaces that can be re-painted. Come any time during the day and paint… There will be some materials and brushes, but always safer to bring your own…

The resulting work will form the first exhibition in the New soon-to-be opened PRSC HQ and Gallery which will open at the end of the month in no. 35, Jamaica Street…

So, come and paint!!!

To tie in with Jamaica Street Open Studios, PRSC will run a cafe/bar with cakes on the Ground Floor from 11 am on Friday morning until 10pm and on Saturday and Sunday…

*Banksy will pretty much certainly not turn up


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3 responses to “Jamaica Street Open Studios This Weekend

  1. Could be a good place to discuss what next for Stokes Croft and St. Paul’s in light of the Lakota/Coroner’s Court planning application going through this arvo…

  2. S

    sorry to use this to plug something but just to let you know there will also be a free exhibition at the croft (just down the rd from jamaica st) this saturday daytime from 11am till 6pm to celebrate (!?) the queens birthday featuring a range of different work from local artists- Body English, Epok, Motorboy, Poer, Samfrancisco, Dosar, Shikha Kuehn, Haka, Simon Lloyd, Sepr, Song, Rowdy, Flx, Tape Ears, True, Aero, Silent Hobo and more on the day.
    There will be djs in the front bar and theres a new record shop opening upstairs that day. Its free so if youre in the area anyway pop in n ave a look!

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Plug away mate! Have put it as its own blog post as well, to make sure people don’t miss it…

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