Big Piece On Hurlingham Road

Been meaning to blog this for a while now, but there’s a nice new(ish) piece on a house at the end of Hurlingham Road in St Andrews where it meets Ashley Hill. Most interestingly, it seems to be in the same style as the piece on the new B-Side club in town debated here before.

Here’s a long shot looking up Hurlingham Road.

And another pointing down. Used to be a big piece here for many years before with various characters in, anyone got any good photos of it?

Just in case you forget where you are, a handy Ashley sign, easily readable as you drive past…

This is the bit that really seems similar to the B-Side piece, check the previous blog post and compare, especially the guy in the green hoodie.

So, who did it then? Well, here’s the sig for the piece…

…and here’s a web address, doesn’t seem to be a valid one though, odd.


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5 responses to “Big Piece On Hurlingham Road

  1. cord(tm)

    Zase was doing graffiti down the Volksfest Show on the weekend in a similar style. Mixture of stencils and freestyles.

    He has also done a piece The Level club peice in Brighton.


  2. I saw this from the bus the other week (on the way up to the Chinese supermarket) and for a very brief second thought the hoodie character was a real person. Really good stuff, considering the angle and whatnot.

  3. FM

    wait, isn’t that where the Eco and Paris piece was? it was done about a decade ago. i think some of TCF lived in that house for a while in the 90s (graff rumour alert! haha)
    if it is the same place, i preferred what was there before. oh well…

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