DBK Show At Hiatt Baker Hall

There’s an odd little show on at the moment up at Hiatt Baker Hall, one of Bristol Uni’s student halls up on Parry’s Lane off the Downs.

It’s a mix of pieces from artists all aged under 25, and in amongst the usual stuff you’d expect to see at such shows, there’s a good chunk of graf based workfrom Bristol’s DBK (Def Bombin Kru).

It’s pretty hard to find, a cute series of hand sprayed signs lead you up there off Parry’s Lane.

Lo fi tastic.

Can’t miss the right corridor once you get inside!


…and here we are at last!

So, DBK is a pretty big gang of folks by the looks of things, here’s a piece by Rush.

Tribute to a someone who died from the whole kru.

This one’s a bit more arty, nice though.

Big dub by Bozo

Another by Shern

Triptych, hard to get a big shot of in the hall’s dining room/canteen thing

Dub by Derf.

Some more character based stuff…

…including an angry Sponge Bob

‘Straight Hip Hop’, collage and spray paint.

DBK in dub.

Finally, a piece by one of the non DBK artists in the show, a guy from Brighton. It’s hardly even street art, but then doesn’t stenciling a political or war based image in spray paint automatically make you street art these days? Shame he hadn’t juxtaposed it with a teddy bear or something.

There you have it. Don’t think the show’s on for more than 5 days or so, so may even be over by the time you read this. But whilst it’s an informal show and pretty raw stuff in places, it’s good to see another bunch of people taking pride in their work, looking to improve it and get somewhere with it.

Be interested to see what they do next.


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4 responses to “DBK Show At Hiatt Baker Hall

  1. bill

    i cant believe u wasted your time going to see this they clearly cant paint..

  2. FM

    toys from avonmouth.
    trying to run before they can walk.

  3. noodles

    these guys are alright n i grew up wid em this is there life n i fink regardless off progress made you cant knock that kind od determination. fuck banksy

  4. Ed

    big respects to dbk for there dtermination hitting the majority of bristol, but that show looks so shit

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