The Farm – Nearly Finished

So, as anyone who went down last Saturday will know, the big finishing party down at the Farm pub in St Werburghs was canceled at nearly the last minute. Damn shame, various reasons it seems.

Still, pretty darn finished now, here’s some shots of it as it was then, just waiting for some final touches and little animals from some Xenz friends. You’ve seen most of it already in essence, so here’s some of the new details since last blog.

End wall, still being done in last blog, now finished.

Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage by the looks of things, cool, even got the hedgerows/fences round it right. For those going, there’ll apparently be some Xenz and Paris stuff on site at Glasto this year.

Birds? On a Xenz collaborative piece? Lordy.

Not seen a big ass cow by either of these guys before though, may be the other doods working on this.

Love the mole though, especially the underground tunnel touch.

Long shot, so it seems the flying thing carrying the pub name did go on in the end. It’s a top bit of work though, all freehand spray can apart from the base coats.

Really do go and see it.


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3 responses to “The Farm – Nearly Finished

  1. FM

    see thats more like it, a few imaginative touches go a long way… the ‘flying thing’ (hot air balloon?) looks good, from what i can see of it! looking forward to seeing the finished photos

  2. I got some pics while the work was being wrapped up; follow the link. I didn’t want to interrupt to ask who was who.

  3. lots of finished photos on the recently complete farm pub website- check em out!

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