Prince Of Wales Finished!

So, the mammoth paint job on the Prince of Wales at the bottom of Gloucester Road by Epok, Sepr and Haka, as blogged before, is now finished.

Here are some shots of some of the last work going on last night (Tuesday).

Bit of a longer shot, some very cool people ‘looking on’, as they say in local journalism.

Some shots from tonight (Wednesday) of the finished thing, almost impossible to get a car free shot unfortunately with the traffic as it was. Sure some better equipped people shall go back and take the time to go and get some better shots soon enough.

Loved the tree now it’s there though, quite a signature…

You know the drill by now, go and check it out, it’s ace.

To think what this pub was like 10 years ago…


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2 responses to “Prince Of Wales Finished!

  1. FM

    great, yet another sickly ‘nature’ scene barely fit for the most artless biscuit tin. how many more are they going to inflict upon us? theres at least a dozen dotted around town. they make me want to vomit. these lads might be ‘cool’ using spraycans and everything, but artists they ain’t.

  2. bill

    dude you sound just like anyone else on the internet. Get a life mate. i saw them guys hanging off the roof up and down ladders. respect to them.

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