Prince of Wales, Gloucester Road, Gets Painted…

It’s looking like being the summer of pub painting in Bristol. First The Farm in St Werburghs (of which a little more this week), now the Prince of Wales at the bottom of Gloucester Road is given the once over by Epok, Sepr and Haka. Have heard of two other well known Bristol pubs in the pipeline for some similar antics in the future too.

So, the Prince of Wales work started last week, here are some snaps of where it was up to by last Thursday.

The big wall on the end of the pub, used to have some other stuff on it but never bothered to get a snap.

Unfinished detail on a corner…

…and some welcoming leaves round the door.

Work continued on the place since then, and these snaps were taken on Sunday.

Still the top of the place to finish off by the looks of it.

Though the stuff lower down has come on really well.

Think you can see where a tree’s going to be.

Word has it that it was meant to be finished yesterday (Monday), may try to get over there to have a look!

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