Stencil On Ambra Vale West

Not the most fertile ground for graf this, and fair enough in a way, can’t see the residents here being as down with it as other places.

Still, found this small stencil on Ambra Vale West in Clifton the other day, nearish to that Tom from Tom and Jerry (as the consensus seems to have it!). Not one i recognise, but done by someone who knows what they’re doing by the looks of things.

Here’s the stencil at the top…

…and the tag at the bottom.

Think i’ve seen a THC tag round before elsewhere, years ago perhaps. No idea.


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4 responses to “Stencil On Ambra Vale West

  1. THC did the pot leaf stencils. There are still some in pretty good condition under the one way system/near Spike Island in BS3. They are really quite old in the grand scheme of things – 2+ years.

  2. Another one for your collection:

    This is on a wall by Orchard Street.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Yep, that’s it, knew i’d seen that tag before. Sure there was something else by this dood too.

    And ta James, good spot, much appreciated!

  4. cord(tm)

    Wasnt it Jerry, from Tom and Jerry?

    Also, hanging shoes, usually over telephone lines or on lamposts, mark gang areas in some parts of the world.

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