New Piece By The Flyer

Blogged this wall before here, but something new’s turned up on it since, quite a well done stenciled head.

Looking pretty windswept, know nothing more about it though, no sig anywhere near it to be made out…


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4 responses to “New Piece By The Flyer

  1. thats pretty nice! Would like to know who its by.
    Kinda wish that white splodge wasn’t there though.

    where is this wall?

  2. bristolgraffiti

    It’s Brookfield Avenue off Gloucester Road, the little road/lane that runs down the side of the Bristol Flyer pub, next to the old Bristol North Baths.

  3. cord(tm)

    Looked abit like a face BTM used to do.

  4. bergerac

    there have been a set of those faces up in Stroud for a few years now-right in the centre of town -in an alley behind the Subscription Rooms

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