New Graffiti Documentary Coming Up

There’s a cool new graffiti documentary been made recently that’s going to be broadcast in a week or so. Put together by some Bristol guys who know their stuff, it, well, i’ll let them say it in their own words…

Graffiti and street art has come along way in the 21st century. Artists, like Banksy, who were once considered vandals with criminal convictions, now see their work sold by the likes of Sotheby’s and Bonham’s for tens of thousands of pounds. But, graffiti is still illegal and continues to divide communities over where vandalism ends and art begins.

Narrated by graffiti pioneer Goldie, this one-off documentary for SkyArts and ITV1(West) examines how graffiti and street art has evolved from social menace to acceptable artform. It asks what motivates graffiti-writers to paint illegally, and what issues and contradictions the gentrification of a once vilified sub-culture raises.

The documentary features interviews and contributions from graffiti veterans like Inkie, and Paris. It hears opinions from within the art establishment, the authorities, and the public, and profiles artists making a name for themselves legally and illegally. With a visually rich backdrop of the wide spectrum of UK Graffiti shot in high definition, ‘Graffiti – From Tags to Riches’ presents a balanced view that illuminates the issues inherent in the art. For those who only ever see the consequences of graffiti this will reveal the people, and illuminate the motives behind the work, fanning wider debate on an issue that is more relevant than ever and isn’t going away.

Graffiti – From Tags to Riches is broadcast on 27th May at 2100 on SkyArts (in High Definition where available) and 2300 on ITV1 (West).

For those fans of Sickboy out there, here’s a sneak preview of the film featuring the man himself and the creation of another temple.


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6 responses to “New Graffiti Documentary Coming Up

  1. Dunno why I thought Sickboy would have more of a Bristol accent. Anyway: “and what issues and contradictions the gentrification of a once vilified sub-culture raises” makes it interesting to me, looks potentially pretty good. Thanks for the heads up. Give us another reminder closer to the date!

  2. Zoe

    Looks good, I hope someone uploads the HD version somewhere

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, like many Bristol artists though, he’s not originally from Bristol.

    Should be good, some top blokes put it together, and know they had more material than they could use, so looking forward to it. Not sure on whether an HD version could be uploaded anywhere, probably not would be my guess, not officially anyway.

    Will definitely post a reminder on the day as well!

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  5. Joke

    Just watched the prog, I can remember back in the day in the late 80s early 90s I used to hang out at the dugout in Barton Hill and used to hang at Tribe of one on a sat afternoon. Inkie was always a step infront of other artists even in those days. I always wondered what happened to the elusive Shab as he was one hell of a graffer.

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Ljubljana!

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