Drewett Neate Auction Preview Night

Back from the preview night of the Drewett Neate auction, so, specially for those who think this blog doesn’t cover enough ‘real’ graf, here are some thoughts on an exclusive invite only night in a posh London venue.

Only kidding, covering this stuff really does seem a bit far from the streets in a way, but hell, it’s what’s happening right now to many of the Bristol guys who’ve been out there painting for years and years, so it’d be weird not to cover it in a way.

Overall thoughts, a wicked range of different pieces by a pretty representative mix of different artists, from mostly street based people to those on the more ‘urban’ side of things.

The amount of people with serious money walking round was pretty weird, as was seeing them seriously considering paying huge prices for some pretty knackered Banksy pieces that you could see had originally been folded up and carried home after some random night.

Still, it it wasn’t for these chaps we wouldn’t have had all the free champagne, which was needed to take the edge of the weirdness of stuff like this being taken seriously by people like them.

Couldn’t take photos inside the venue, which was a shame i think, and a bit pointless, but managed to get a sneaky shot of the queue on the way in from the entrance inside Selfridges.

You can check the pieces yourself in the catalogue, but some pieces stood out more than others.

Saw the new Let Them Hang print fully printed and signed in the flesh for the first time, and it really does look good. Some people have said they’re not that into it, but it didn’t stop the 40 available tonight selling out in double quick time.

The different sizes of the pieces really struck you. The Blek Le Rat Charlie Chaplin canvas is huge in real life, and is pretty cool.

On the other hand, the Nick Walker Vandal Triptych was really tiny, odd. Sure there was a bigger version done back in the day.

From the photos, the Banksy canvas from the Easton show in ’99 or so looked pretty cool, but in the flesh it was a bit less impressive, shame. Rumour has it that it didn’t stop Hugh Grant turning up for a private viewing of it earlier in the afternoon though.

The lack of recognition of Seen’s work by the great and the good was pretty odd too, these people need some serious educating!

Oddest of all really was the fact that so many of the pieces in the show were so recent. Not necessarily those submitted by the artists themselves, you’d expect that, but some of the other bits. Pieces from the Nick Walker show blogged here just two months ago, which were bought on the night, have now been stuck in the auction by the buyer. Whatever happened to buying pieces that you, you know, actually liked and wanted to keep? Crazy.

Everyone’s going to have their own tastes on this stuff though, so have a look at the catalogue and get down to the show in London, or see it all when it comes to Paintworks in Bristol in a couple of weeks.

It wasn’t just inside that stuff was going on though. Mau Mau had hit a bit of boarded up scaffolding the night before with this tidy piece.

Sometime just before the show opened, someone turned up and stuck up these pieces on the boards too.

This with a staple gun

Just goes to show doesn’t it, these exclusive urban art auctions just attract more crime and anti social behaviour wherever they spring up. Tsk tsk.

The entrance from the streets had some pretty cool work done down the stairs as you went in, here’s a couple more Mau Mau bits from it.

Charming penguin

Two comedy moments from the night. First was a Drewett Neate guy asking if Banksy was here tonight, so told him that if he was, he’d have come heavily disguised, probably as a homeless guy. To which he replied “But we turned a homeless guy away earlier when he tried to get in!”. Told him that probably had been Banksy. Hope he didn’t believe me.

Second was when some of us were asked if we were artists by a guy getting his show catalogue signed by any artists present. Only after he walked away did we think to say “Yes mate, I’m Banksy, and so’s he”.

For all anyone there knew, we could have been. As Chris Morris once said, ‘and maybe that’s the point’.

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