Xenz and Paris Paint the Farm – Day 2

Swung by The Farm pub again today to check out how the work had come on since yesterday, and boy was today the day to have been there. Always heard these guys can work fast when they get to it, but this was really amazing, the place was looking pretty much done for its basic stage already!

The sun was in a bit of a crap position for photos in a way, but this is the far side, the first bit that was getting painted yesterday. Come on a bit hasn’t it!

Here’s the middle bit. The old pub sign isn’t getting repainted in now apparently, though may end up in there still. Wicked tree, with bird boxes and an observation hut, kinda apt.

Here’s the end bit of the main side, lovely valley with a river stretching off into the distance.

Close up on the valley and river.

Round the front side, yet more rolling hills. Shame this place has to have windows in a way.

Bit more to do at the end of the front side still, but at the speed these guys go it’s probably getting done by now.

So here’s a shot from the same place as yesterday, side on, looking sweet.

It’s a bank holiday this weekend, so why not head down to the ‘burgs and check this out. It’s not finished just yet, but it’s still pretty darn impressive as it is!


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5 responses to “Xenz and Paris Paint the Farm – Day 2

  1. Steve L

    Dont forget to check out the work going on in the tunnel. The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft stuck up a few hundred pounds worth of white paint last month, it’s now becoming interesting

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, cheers man, got all that recorded already, queued up for the next couple of days or so! Lovely stuff there though, Jeffrow’s piece is especially amusing.

  3. FM

    this blog is a bit like a magazine calling itself ‘world football’ and only documenting the exploits of french goalkeepers. i guess if you’re an ex-art student who specialises in one tiny area of graffiti, you must be cool and intelligent by default, and thus worthy of attention from snobs. fine.

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Well, it’s pretty difficult to cover everything across the city you know. If you see stuff you want covered, and want to send it in, then really, please do! Email is bristolgraffiti@googlemail.com

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