Xenz And Paris Paint The Farm

Just back from an afternoon watching something pretty darn cool kick off. The Farm pub in St Werburghs has long been a pretty cool place, if a little full of wobbly people on a Sunday afternoon. Well now the hardcore wobbliness has gone, and the place is getting a makeover fitting of its location and history. The grass lawn is getting replanted, new chefs are in place, there are going to be more nights on there and, most important, the whole place is going to be painted by Xenz and Paris.

This started today, and to be honest, the photos from the first day of painting a building that size are never going to be the most interesting. The whole thing has to be given a basecoat of emulsion before the freehand work starts, but still, really interesting to see the sketch for what will be there eventually, and how a couple of really experienced guys set about a project like this.

Got there a bit early before people had turned up, so went to check out the St Werburghs Farm next door, which is always worth a visit. Watched some goats fighting over the top of some ramp. This brown one was a badass…

…still kept hold of the top of the ramp even when the white ones ganged up on him.

Anyway, to painting, and there wasn’t a shortage of paint to get this one done.

So yeah, today being basecoat day, Xenz gets to work with the first bit of paint.

Blue, cos this is gonna be the sky, innit.

I’m gonna run out of things to say about photos of a guy with a paint roller aren’t I?

Yep, I was right.

The tricky bits that a roller couldn’t reach got attacked with a Belton though. Really cool attention to detail, the spray paint and emulsion paint colours matched perfectly. Top work.

The window frames got the spray treatment to…

…the initial sketch of the piece acting as a handy mask for the frame at times as well.

Attacking the middle bit now. The old sign’s been removed, which changed the way the paint went on, as it was bare concrete beneath. Not to worry though, the sign’s going to get redone by hand in a very cool way.

Anyone who knows Xenz’s work may appreciate the irony of this shot. Lots of little birds were flitting round the roof, almost watching him as he worked, a regular St Francis of Assisi ain’t he.

After a spot of lunch, Xenz fills in a lower wall in green. The idea for this piece is going to be a beautiful sky with rolling hills beneath, interspersed with various animals and other bits. Been asked not to put a copy of the original sketch up here, as it’s going to look different at the end, but suspect a bit of internet searching elsewhere might find it soon for those with a mind to hunt it out.

Put together a triple ladder for reaching this bit, pretty precarious, so Paris keeps the balance in check.

The sun comes out for the final sky part on this side.

So round to the other side. These plant boxes and hanging baskets were a bit of a pain, weren’t meant to have been put up yet, but the company supplying them turned up early yesterday and put them up. Just in time to have the building painted, 10 points them.

More filling in with a spray can round the tricky bits.

And there, sadly,  i had to leave it.

This isn’t going to be a short job, will be on and off over the next week or so, so if you’re in the area you may get lucky and see it being done. It should be outlined in time for this bank holiday weekend certainly.

Otherwise, there’s talk of a party soon enough with BBQ, DJ’s and the like to finish it off properly and celebrate it being done. Will bring you details as soon as they’re confirmed.

It’s going to be a great piece though, these guys aren’t satisfied with going through the motions for this one, it’s going to get the best they can give it. Ace.

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  1. This looks amazing! Most of the painted pubs round Bristol always have loads of cars parked round. It will be great to see one thats sat in some green surroundings for once. Let me know when it will be finished and I’l try to get my fella to put it in his book about Brizzle Graf

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