Interesting Banksy For Sale

Spotted this on ebay today, and certainly recognised it! It’s the massive Banksy that people don’t seem to know about too much in the ‘Pierced Up’ piercing shop on Park Row here in Bristol. It was done back in the day, 1998 or thereabouts, and seem to remember hearing that no money changed hands for it being done.

(photo borrowed quickly from ebay, happy to take down and replace with another if the photo owner objects)

It’s a shame to see it go in a way, but was going to happen eventually, and at the end of the day it’s not a public piece, it’s a piece someone commissioned and had done in their building, so it’s very much theirs to do with as they wish. Just hope it goes to a good home that will appreciate it for what it is, probably one of the last few large freehand Banksys still surviving.

Get along to check it out yourself before it goes then, it really is a nice one. Why not get yourself a piercing whilst you’re at it too, it’s one of the best piercing shops in Bristol.

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