Wild Bunch Crew – Original Promo Video

Been sent this by a regular reader, and just have to share it. It’s an original promo video for the WIld Bunch Crew, showing, well, here’s the info from the person who posted it on Youtube;

This video shines a light on the vibrant early hip-hop scene in Bristol and features many of the cities unsung heroes, without whom their would never have been a ‘Bristol Sound’. This is the original promo for The Wild Bunch. I put it together in 1985 at the request of Nellie Hooper, who realised even then the potential of what was starting to happen in Bristol. The video helped to secure a trip for TWB to Japan which arguably marked both the start of their individual international careers and the begining of the end for the crew.

It’s had embedding disabled on it annoyingly, but click here to check out some real Bristol history!

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One response to “Wild Bunch Crew – Original Promo Video

  1. Zoe

    Very cool, great to see the early days

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