The Battle Of Cumberland And Wapping Roads II

Blog reader Logic has let us have some photos of some new pieces on the front line of the ongoing graffiti drama on round Cumberland and Wapping Roads, blogged here previously.

Headless Chickens, pretty well done, quite like them, though perhaps a little dark as an image. No idea who did them, clearly someone who knows their stenciling though, so can think of a few candidates,  wonder how long they’ll last…

Being watched over by a C’est Bon eye…


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3 responses to “The Battle Of Cumberland And Wapping Roads II

  1. cord(tm)

    GhostBoy maybe?

    Are those eyes actually C’est Bon? I thought they were by Killer?

  2. Roo

    Check the new billboard piece out before it disappears! 7 billboards over the railway bridge over on the Bath Rd just by temple meads. There’s a few pics of it on my blog –

    Is it a Banksy or just someone else in Brisol with a lotta balls?

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Sorry dood, comment got caught in the spam queue by the looks of it, wordpress is odd like that sometimes.

    Good to see more photos of those boards, they’re definitely not Banksy though, and he doesn’t live in Bristol anymore either by all accounts.

    Never underestimate the scale committed subvertisers work on!

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