Drewett Neate Urban Art Auction

Not blogged this yet, as was hoping to get some decent resolution images to go alongside, but no-one seems to have any, so been a bit stuck!

Anyway, for the last few months, loads of different Bristol graf and street art people have been mentioning this auction in one way or another, and it looks like it’s going to be really interesting.

Drewett Neate is an auction house generally more thought of for dealing with land, property and the like, but also with an angle in fine art. Perhaps seeing the massive interest in ‘urban’ art at the moment, they’ve decided to put themselves together a specialist auction for just this kind of thing, and to be honest, they seem to have done a pretty good job of it.

Loads of artists have got pieces in this auction, including some lovely Banksy pieces, and some not half bad Nick Walker bits too. Lots of Bristol names have got new pieces in the auction too, including;

  • Inkie
  • Dicy
  • Mudwig
  • Graham Paris
  • Eko
  • Motorboy
  • Mau Mau
  • Cyclops
  • Dora
  • Mr Jago
  • Xenz
  • SPQR

So, a pretty fine line up of artists. The Let Them Hang print blogged below is going to be launched at the London auction preview too, and in a very nice touch, the auction house is taking the preview of the pieces on tour before the sale. So if you want to check out what’s there, then get yourself along to the following places;

The Ultralounge in Selfridges on Oxford Street in London from the 23rd May – 1st June

Paintworks, Bristol (which is apparently now in ‘Bristol’s Totterdown creative quarter’, always seemed more Brislington way to me…) from the 5th to 10th June. Suspect there’s gonna be some more painting over the river to go with this one too.

Then finally at Village Underground, Shoreditch (London’s Nathan Barley quarter) on view from 13th to 17th June

The sale itself will be on the 17th of June from 6pm if you’re feeling cheeky and fancy going along to have a waggle of a paddle.

Annoyingly, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of online catalogue for this one, which seems a bit of an oversight. Will try to get some photos of the more interesting pieces up on this blog though soon if permission allows…

EDIT: Typical isn’t it, catalogue goes up just as the blog does. Check it out here.

For more information on it (and a few small pics), check out the Drewett Neate web page here

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One response to “Drewett Neate Urban Art Auction

  1. hiya… don’t know if you know about this but i thought it’s quite interesting in the current silly-money-for-graffiti climate, but there’s a mercedes 308 (or something like that) on Minto Road (St Werburghs) for sale at the moment for 2 grand – with massive pieces by Xenz, Milk & Paris on it – could be a good investment!
    it was there a couple of days ago i’m going to try & go take some photos over the weekend if it’s still there, i’ll pass them on if you like..


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