Weapon of Choice Review – May

As ever, just back from the Weapon of Choice night down at Mr Wolf’s, another wicked night. Seza and Soker up with the paint pens this time, bit more of your old skool writing for a change.

So, starting the evening early were ‘Anomaly’, jazzy style funk band. Worked ok, though crowd a bit flat in a way, bit early probably. Got in the way of the traditional blank canvas shot though…

Interestingly, the canvas had been divided into quarters with masking tape beforehand, and each quarter had been sketched out in pencil first too. Apparently they were down there from half seven getting on with it. Seemed a bit cheating in a way, but became clear why at the end, top preparation!

So, you step outside for a minute and they get to it, don’t they. Hard to get a shot with the band still going on too, but here’s Seza rockin’ the right, and Soker taking the left.

Longer shot, starting to get more filled in now.

Close up on Soker with the fat marker.

Lining it out in fine pen first…

Seza about to start filling some more in.

Then on with the 3D

The state of play at half time, not an unimportant phrase in Bristol tonight…

Outside got to see some new Lokey sketch work, brought to you today by the letter ‘G’ and Guerrilla Galleries

Swop sides and back to it, lining in the pencil sketches

Seza’s side coming together

Then back to the fat pens, whilst good Mr Nikill does the backing honours for an MC with his sampler, top stuff.

More of it coming together

and some more…

Really getting pretty done now.

Back to the fine liner for some detail

Looking pretty done, so another break, but that masking tape still looks odd on there

So Seza comes back and pulls it all off

Leaving four cool clear segments, just add a TCF tag…

…and sign the thing…


So, the piece finished.

Another really great night, more chilled than last time, little quieter too, guess the usual student part of the crowd have all got exams at the moment! Next up is Gumbo and Oath, new ones on me, but apparently european style pieces, letters, smiley faces and the like. Sounds very cool.


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4 responses to “Weapon of Choice Review – May

  1. three thos3 ghosts

    gutted i missed out……………………..AGAIN, so broke, cant even afford a chomp! really gona make sure i come down next time, im fully screwin!!!!!!!

  2. Haha, woooowwwww when the masking tape comes off. Always the final stages that bring it all together.

  3. Bananaman

    …and i thought having a chomp was one of the few free pleasures we have in life…

  4. Bananaman

    …oh, is see, you meant the cheap chocolate bar…

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